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"elements" is a small 256 byte intro for the fantasy console "MicroW8 (v0.1.1)" that was written by my former colleague "exoticorn".

I was curious about MicroW8 since it is based on WebAssembly which allows me to use clang with C/C++ and has reasonable retro specifications. 256 byte intros are not my comfort zone and I am surprised it is even possible to get something running in this category using C. I named the individual patterns "vulcano", "tornado", "cloud" and "wave" so "elements" seemed fitting for the overall intro.



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MicroW8 + elements.zip 8 kB


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Super nice! Always awesome to see MicroW8 in the wild.

I'm impressed that you got this all working in 256b in C! For tiny intros like this I definitely recommend writing in CurlyWas - the inline/lazy declaration modifiers in particular are really really convenient for size optimization.

(Just realized this was from almost a year ago - not sure why Itch only recommended this to me now!)


Thanks! I was checking out some Fantasy Consoles and liked the fact that I could use C/C++ with it, so I gave it a try. I saw CurlyWas but I am just a bit too lazy to fiddle with it. I'd rather work towards a small game instead of squeezing the last byte out of a 256 byte intro. And for that I would sure prefer C/C++.

Love your music related products btw.

Got it, that makes a lot of sense! Maybe I'm overly fixated on the sizecoding aspect. :)

-- and thank you! Not much in the pipe right now but hopefully that changes at some point.